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My Writing Tools (Software, Hardware, and Post-it Notes)

Of course, there’s always a pen and scrap of paper…

Since I’ve written far too many pieces of posts that include bits about my writing process and the tools I use, the easiest thing for me to do instead of trying to do one long (long) post about it is to link to where I’ve covered this topic previously.

For the most part, I use Microsoft Word, Microsoft OneNote, and the website Pinterest as my three main pieces of software for planning, gathering/tracking ideas, creating characters/storyworld, and writing. I’m also a prodigious user of Post-it Notes—especially the 4×4 lined ones! To get an idea of how I use these tools, check out these posts!

Creating Your Story Bible

Setting Up a Revisions Notebook, Style Sheet, and Research Repository

Visualizing with Pinterest, and Heroine Backstory

Track and Organize Your Story’s Timeline and Structure

Setting Up Your Writing Space(s)

Making Lists–Characters and Settings

Your Characters’ Physical Descriptions including Character Casting

Storyboarding to Avoid the Sagging Middle

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