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Turnabout’s Fair Play

Book 3 of the Matchmakers Series
ISBN-13: 978-1-60260-991-4
Barbour Publishing

The matchmaker has met her match. . .

Flannery McNeill has sworn off men. . .at least the handsome, charming kind, as they’re nothing but trouble. So when handsome and charming Jamie O’Connor shows up as an usher at her best friend’s wedding, she tries her best to avoid him. But it seems like someone is conspiring to throw them together. Two someones, to be exact: Flannery’s grandfather and Jamie’s grandmother.

Maureen O’Connor thinks Kirby McNeill’s granddaughter will be perfect for her grandson and convinces the handsome gentleman to help her bring the two together. But soon, the matchmakers will find the tables turned on them when Flannery conspires with Jamie to play matchmaker, too.

As the juniors scheme to bring the seniors together, a hilarious tumult of mayhem and misconceptions ensues. . .but will it end in romance?

Now Available (links to retailers below)

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