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An Idea-Seeding Example | #challenge #amwriting

Friday, July 19, 2019

I mentioned in a previous post that I look for creativity-seeds when coming up with these daily fiction-related ideas when nothing original comes to mind. I wanted to show you an example of what that looks like.

On Sunday, I was having trouble focusing, so I went to my Sounds Interesting list on Goodreads and started reading the back-cover blurbs of the books there. (A process I explained in even more detail here.) I landed on The Pirate Prince by Connie Mason. The first part of the blurb reads:

She was a jewel among women, brighter than the moon and stars. Her hair shone like newly minted gold, and her skin was as smooth and iridescent as an exquisite pearl. Her lips were lush and pink, made for kissing. She was a pirate’s prize, yet he could not so much as touch her.

Why did this blurb stand out to me? Because it offended me (as an author and lover of historical romance) in all its cliche-ness. So I let myself react to it viscerally:

She was not a jewel among women—she was as dull as a cloudy sky. Her hair did not shine like newly minted gold—it was a balance between the colors of dirt and potting soil. Her skin was not as smooth and iridescent as an exquisite pearl—she had visible freckles and moles and suffered a skin ailment that made scaly patches that were itchy, dry, and painful. Her lips were not lush and pink, made for kissing—her mouth was asymmetrical (top lip much thinner than the bottom, as if they’d come from two different mouths), and her top lip disappeared almost completely on the rare occasion that she smiled; the corners had a permanent downward turn, discouraging conversation, much less kissing; and it was a mouth known for expressing her opinions about whatever topic struck her fancy. She was no man’s prize; yet once he met the stubborn, independent old spinster, he couldn’t get her off his mind.

Have you ever seen/heard a story blurb that inspired your own creative idea?

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  1. Friday, July 19, 2019 2:47 pm

    Thank you!!!

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