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Seeding Creativity | #ideaperday #challenge #amwriting

Monday, July 8, 2019

Another post, another photo to show that I’ve been sticking to my Idea Per Day challenge for July.

Because of traveling and recovery from traveling/vacation, the ideas still aren’t flowing freely. But I have decades’ worth of stuff saved on my computer that makes really great seeds for ideas—from actual story ideas I’ve jotted down before to my casting book and even to blog posts I’ve shared here before.

Now that I’m home and my schedule is back to normal, my next step is to work on making sure that I’m going this at the same time every day. The plan is to have the notebook sitting on my bedside table to do it just before bed each night, since that used to be my most creative time for writing to see if I can get that back.

In the meantime, I’ll just keep making sure that I write down one fiction-related idea per day . . . even if I do have to search for some seeds to get started with!

Where do you find seeds for your ideas?

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