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It’s 2017 Reading Challenge Check-in Time!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Happy First Monday of December, everyone
How did the end of the year happen so fast?

I haven’t done one of these in a long time, so instead of trying to cover the months I’ve missed, let’s check in with our progress on our 2017 reading challenges: where we are, if we’ve met our goals, and—if not—what we need in order to meet them.

It’s 2017 Reading Challenge Check-in Time!

Open Book by Dave Dugdale

Open Book by Dave Dugdale

Tell us what your goal(s) for 2017 was, what you’ve finished since the beginning of the challenge, what you’re currently reading, and what’s on your To Be Read stack/list in order to complete your challenge (or try to, anyway). And if you’re on Goodreads or another platform where you keep track of all this, please share the link!

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  • What reading challenge(s) did you set for yourself in 2017?
  • Where are you when it comes to reaching your challenge goal(s)?
  • What are you currently reading, and what’s next on your To Be Read stack/list in order to complete your challenge(s)?

From my post on January 4, 2017:
“As I’ve done for the past several years, I’ve set this year’s goal by simply adding one to the previous year’s total. That puts me at a goal of 65 titles to be read in 2017 (an average of 5.4 titles per month). . . . my goal this year is to read at least two authors’ books for each letter of the alphabet. (X being optional, since it’s hard to come by authors with names starting with X, though I may extend it to first names just to get that one in.)”


And here’s where I stand as of 12/4/17. I’ve already met my overall goal of 65 books (which can include novellas and short stories).

I need the following to complete my A to Z challenge:
Q – 1 book
U – 1 book
V – 1 book
(X – 2 books, optional)
Y – 1 book
Z – 1 book

  1. Monday, December 4, 2017 7:23 pm

    In addition to what I already own, I checked out numerous books from the library to give myself some options for completing each of the remaining letters I’ll list them separately below.

    I know it seems like a lot of reading to do in the next four-ish weeks, but I knocked out five titles just this weekend (the second books in D, I, N, R, and T), and only have five to seven more to go!


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