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2017 Reading Challenge Goal(s), Challenge(s), and List(s) #amreading

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

As you may have seen on Sunday, I posted the results of my 2016 Reading Challenge (I use Goodreads to track this—I’ve linked all the titles in the list to my review/status-update page on GR; most with a text review have also been posted here on the blog, so you’ve probably seen them.)

My goal last year was to read 60 books—or, one more than I read in 2015. As you can see . . .

I more than met that goal! (Of course, when I say “books,” what I mean is individual titles that can be found on GR. These may be short stories that are included in a single anthology, novellas, and even children’s books. The technicality of what I’m including isn’t important; it’s important that I’m reading more and doing it more often!)

As I’ve done for the past several years, I’ve set this year’s goal by simply adding one to the previous year’s total. That puts me at a goal of 65 titles to be read in 2017 (an average of 5.4 titles per month).


And with the exception of the letter X, I completed my A to Z author-name challenge in 2016 as well. And so, this year, I’m one-upping myself on that, too. While there were many letters of the alphabet for which I read more than one author’s books (so only counting one tick mark for the letter for books by the same author, e.g., Rowling or Wilder, even though I read multiple books by each of them), my goal this year is to read at least two authors’ books for each letter of the alphabet. (X being optional, since it’s hard to come by authors with names starting with X, though I may extend it to first names just to get that one in.)

I went through both my Goodreads and public library wishlists and compiled a TBR list for 2017 with two authors for each title. (I appears to have only one, because my first I author, Kara Isaacs, is already on my Currently Reading list.)


How did you do with your reading goal(s)/challenge(s) in 2016? What goal(s)/challenge(s) have you set for yourself? Are there any books coming out in 2017 that you’re particularly looking forward to reading? Please feel free to share links!

  1. Carol permalink
    Wednesday, January 4, 2017 7:27 pm

    My goal for 2017 is 50 books. Twenty books more than 2016 since I completed the 30 books in June last year. My reading slowed way down after mid summer-not sure why. One book I’m looking forward to reading soon is Bones Would Rain from the Sky by Suzanne Clothier. I just finished Tamara Leigh’s Baron of Godsmere this morning-loved it. One of my goals this year is to read one self-care book per quarter. One of my ways of being more present in 2017 (see my post here: is to practice intentional self-care.


  2. Wednesday, January 4, 2017 10:18 pm

    I missed my 2016 reading challenge by nine books although I still read 61 books. My goal this year is to read 60 books.



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