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Books Read in 2016: ‘From London with Love’ by Jenna Petersen (2 stars)

Sunday, July 31, 2016

From London with Love by Jenna PetersenFrom London with Love (Lady Spies #1)
by Jenna Petersen
My rating: 2 stars

Book Summary from Goodreads:
Three of London’s most admired and desired ladies—these women share more in common than grace, beauty and charm. Each with their own special talent, together they are three of England’s greatest spies.

From the Desk of Lady M–

Meredith Sinclair is one of my best agents. She is stunning, witty and resourceful. She sparkles at every gala and can conquer any man with a whisper and a smile.

Her target: Tristan Archer, Marquis of Carmichael. Known as a proud and powerful member of society, he also once saved Meredith’s life. She should trade on her seductive wiles and their prior relationship, if necessary.

Her mission: To uncover a treacherous plot and bring a potential traitor to justice.

Potential weaknesses: The dashing marquis’s bold, intimate caress. His devilish good looks. And his devastating kiss that could bring even the best spy to her knees…

My GR Status Update(s):
03/23 . . .marked as: currently-reading
03/25 . . .17.0%
04/01 . . .43.0%

04/04 . . .46.0% ‘…just as the orchestra played the first lilting strains of the waltz.’ NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! Not in 1812, not in England, not at a country house party!”

04/07 . . .marked as: read

My Review:
Up to 46% = 3 to 3.5 stars
46-70% = 2ish stars
71% = 1 star DNF

(I need to say—I picked this book on the strength of the story’s premise, not on the cover art! For the first time, I almost didn’t include the cover image of the book on one of these reviews.)

As you can see above, the first almost half of this book was okay. Enough to keep me reading—after all, I’ve been searching for books in which both the hero and heroine are involved in spywork during the Napoleonic war. So far, I haven’t found anything that has ended up being a homerun for me.

When it came right down to it, both of these characters were terrible “spies.” Neither could think about or concentrate on anything but each other, whether they were together or apart. And then, once her real identity/purpose was revealed (around the 70% mark) was when the plot and characters really went downhill for me. It just wasn’t worth it to continue to force myself to read something I wasn’t enjoying.

This is another one of those books based on the premise of both characters hiding something from each other. And this is another one of those books in which when one of those characters, who’s been hiding something from the other one all along, finds out the other character has been hiding something, he decides it’s absolutely unforgivable that she would have been lying to him all along. (Why is it, in books that use this trope, that it’s almost always the man who is the hypocrite in this situation? As if he’s so moral and upstanding after he’s spent more than two-thirds of the book being as dishonest with her as she’s been with him. Ugh.)

In addition, I wasn’t enjoying the author’s writing style, either, and it needed a bit more editing (e.g., several typos/errors that should have been caught with a simple spell check!).

(For the explanation of my GR update rant on the characters dancing a waltz in 1812, I’ll refer you to this explanation from another review.)

My rating matrix:
5 STARS = one of the best I’ve ever read
4 STARS = a great read, highly recommended
3 STARS = it was okay
2 STARS = I didn’t enjoy it all that much, not recommended
1 STAR = DNF (did not finish)

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