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Book-Talk Monday: What Are You Reading (May 2012)

Monday, May 7, 2012

It’s the first Monday of the month, so it’s time to share what we’re reading!


  • What is the most recent book you’ve finished reading? (Please tell us a little about it, and whether or not you enjoyed/would recommend it.)
  • What are you currently reading?
  • What’s the next book on your To Be Read stack?
  1. Monday, May 7, 2012 1:07 am

    I just finished An Inconvenient Match by Janet Dean. I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it. (I would write some kind of summary but I’m awful at those!)

    I’m currently reading The Blue Enchantress by M. L. Tyndall. It’s the second book in a series, and I haven’t read the first one, but so far I’m enjoying it. (I’m also re-reading North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell on my phone (Kindle app) when I’m on the go, but that’s not my main book.)

    My To Be Read list is soo long since I managed to accumulate around 30 books (as well as 30 or so free Kindle books) during the semester and only had time to read around 5. Hopefully this summer will give me some time off before starting pharmacy school to catch up on reading! But the next book in my stack is Masquerade by Nancy Moser.


    • Monday, May 7, 2012 2:46 pm

      I haven’t read anything by Janet Dean or Nancy Moser yet, but MaryLu Tyndall is one of my absolute favorites, for obvious reasons!


  2. Lady DragonKeeper permalink
    Monday, May 7, 2012 2:05 am

    I just finished the semester, so although I don’t remember the last book I read (maybe a textbook?) I know the next book I’m going to read is “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” because it’s the theme setting for our VBS program this year … it will also be my first time reading it (yes, you read that correctly). 🙂


    • Monday, May 7, 2012 2:47 pm

      I’ve never read Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. You’ll have to let me know if you’d recommend it.


      • Lady DragonKeeper permalink
        Tuesday, May 8, 2012 6:11 pm

        I’m glad I wasn’t the only one! It was a quick read … I finished it in about 1 1?2 hours … To me, it wasn’t spectacular, but I haven’t seen the movies either. It’s kind of interesting that Dahl is writing about how the TV can be mindless, takes away from reading, etc. … overindulgence, obesity, etc. which is even more obvious in our time today


  3. JamaGenie permalink
    Monday, May 7, 2012 3:52 am

    I’m a third of the way through “Game Change” ($1 at a thrift store) about the 2008 presidential campaigns. Would be reading your books, Kaye, but the local library (or its branches) doesn’t have them, and I’m too poor at the moment to buy any of them. )-:


    • Monday, May 7, 2012 2:49 pm

      What is your local library system? I may have to see about getting some books donated there!


  4. Sherrinda permalink
    Monday, May 7, 2012 5:45 am

    I just finished Wildflowers from Winter, by Katie Ganshert. It was a beautiful read…and great debut! Now I am almost in the middle of Catching Fire (the second in the HUnger Games trilogy). It’s good so far.


    • Monday, May 7, 2012 2:50 pm

      I LOVED the first two Hunger Games books. This third one . . . well, let’s just say I can understand why the star rating on Amazon is sitting at 3.5. So far, it’s all about the politics of—of what the events at the end of Catching Fire bring about. I’m hoping the action will pick up soon.


      • Audry permalink
        Monday, May 7, 2012 3:16 pm

        Oh it picks up all right. I’ll be interested to hear if you think the action improves it…


  5. Monday, May 7, 2012 6:00 am

    I just finished, “The Chosen” by Chaim Potok. Pretty good, a four star read. Now I am working on “I Capture the Castle,” by Dodie Smith. So far, so good. My next one will be, “The Lucky One,” by Nicholas Sparks.


    • Monday, May 7, 2012 2:52 pm

      The book club at the church where I used to work was going to be reading The Chosen for one of their selections this summer, so I downloaded the sample to my Kindle. I need to look at that!


    • Tuesday, May 8, 2012 12:11 am

      I loved “The Chosen;” the sequel is “The Promise” and I didn’t love it as much. However, I highly recommend “Davita’s Harp.” It was a sad day when Potok passed away.

      I also enjoyed “I Capture the Castle.” Hope you do too!


  6. ausjenny permalink
    Monday, May 7, 2012 7:00 am

    I just finished End of the Trail by Vickie McDonough, its the last of the Morgan family saga set in Texas. Although I have heard there may be more in the series (3 authors have written 2 books each). The books starts with Brooks basically running away from home. 10 years later hes still drifting and he winds up in Shoofly. He ends on a ranch giving the promise to look after Keri who he thinks is a dog or horse. Keri is a Girl or young lady. Being its a ranching book there is the nasty neighbour who wants the land and will do anything to get it. It was a good book but I am really sad to see the series end. I really hope we do get more books as I have learnt alot about Texas History.

    I have just started Beyond Resolution by Rose Dee, Its the sequal to Back to Resolution. Its an Aussie book and I have to say it reads well and I was surprised how much I read in a short time. I would say its edgy as it starts with the hero dealing with the shady side of life. In chapter one we see her drug dealing boyfriend kick her out. Rose’s first book was so close to being in my top ten last year. Being an Aussie I am so happy to see books of this caliber being released.

    Next maybe Sanctuary of a Lady by Naomi Rawlings. its set during the French revolution.


    • Monday, May 7, 2012 2:53 pm

      I really want to start reading more Aussie authors, so keep those names/titles coming!


      • ausjenny permalink
        Monday, May 7, 2012 6:11 pm

        I am loving this book read way to late last night but the book just flows.
        One thing with Aussie books they have a different style to American. I cant say why exactly, I guess its our style of speech and the way we say things.


  7. booktalkandmore permalink
    Monday, May 7, 2012 8:20 am

    Just finished Body & Soul by Stacey Kade last night, the 3rd and final book in her The Ghost and the Goth YA trilogy. Currently reading Save the Date by Jenny B. Jones and Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.



    • Monday, May 7, 2012 2:54 pm

      Was the Perkins book one you picked up this weekend?


      • booktalkandmore permalink
        Monday, May 7, 2012 2:56 pm

        Nope, the Perkins book was one I had on my Kindle.


  8. Monday, May 7, 2012 9:15 am

    I just finished Becky Wade’s “My Stubborn Heart.” It was fabulous–a 5-star read! It’s about a woman who takes a leave of absence from her job to help her grandmother renovate their family home. It’s packed with humor, romance, and poignancy. I highly recommend it!

    I’m currently reading two VERY different books–“Crazy Dangerous” by Andrew Klavan and “Fools Rush In” by Janice Thompson. Both are quite enjoyable.

    Up next is either “Beyond Hope’s Valley” by Tricia Goyer or “Far from Here” by Nicole Baart.


    • Monday, May 7, 2012 2:54 pm

      I’ve heard lots of good things about Becky Wade’s book, so it’s definitely on my radar!


  9. Monday, May 7, 2012 10:39 am

    What is the most recent book you’ve finished reading? (Please tell us a little about it, and whether or not you enjoyed/would recommend it.)
    Since the April post, I’ve read:
    Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
    When Beauty Tamed the Beast by Eloisa James
    We Two: Victoria and Albert: Rulers, Partners, Rivals by Gillian Gill. (Audiobook read by Rosalyn Landor).

    What are you currently reading?
    I have a few books going right now, mainly because I started them when trying to finish Follow the Heart and just couldn’t concentrate on them enough to finish them:
    The Dog That Talked to God by Jim Kraus
    The Duke is Mine by Eloisa James
    Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins (not the can’t-put-it-down read that the first two were)

    What’s the next book on your To Be Read stack?
    Right now, I’m judging entries in the Genesis contest, so that’s using most of my reading energy. After I finish the books I’ve already started, I need to go through what I already have on my Kindle and start getting through some of those!


  10. A foolish one permalink
    Monday, May 7, 2012 11:03 am

    They all sound interesting. I’ve made notes.
    I just finished NOAH’S COMPASS by Anne Tyler. It’s about a 59 year old man who was laid off from work. Is divorces with three daughters.and one grandson. He sort of feels like his life is over and downsizes to a smaller apartment, gets attacked in his bed the first night and becomes obcessed because he can’t remember anything about it. Sounds like a downer, but it is not. The title comes from a conversation he had with his grandson while baby sitting. Noah didn’t need a compass because he was just floating, surviving the flood. The man’s life picks up, even falls in love with a younger woman (that doesn’t work out), and decided he has a lot more to live for (not that he was contemplating suicide) and that God was his compass, directing where he was. Has some humor. Was a New York Times bestseller. Not an old person’s read by far.
    There is a list of 17 other books Anne Tyler has written, among them is THE ACCIDENTAL TOURIST. I’ll see what books the library has and read a few more of her “best sellers”


    • Monday, May 7, 2012 2:56 pm

      I’ve never read anything by Anne Tyler, but that does sound interesting.


  11. Abigail Richmond permalink
    Monday, May 7, 2012 11:16 am

    I am just starting Cassidy by Lori Wick.


    • Monday, May 7, 2012 2:56 pm

      That’s a western-set historical romance, isn’t it?


  12. Kav permalink
    Monday, May 7, 2012 11:30 am

    Love these kinds of discussions because it gives me more suggestions for books to read!

    What is the most recent book you’ve finished reading? (Please tell us a little about it, and whether or not you enjoyed/would recommend it.)

    Just finished reading An Uncommon Grace by Serena B. Miller. The cover illustrations is COMPLETELY misleading. It has the profile of an Amish woman in the foreground and a buggy in the background. While it does involve the Amish, the heroine, Grace, is a nurse just back from a duty in Afghanistan. The hero is Amish — but from the very strict sect that I can’t spell or pronounce. Totally fascinating read. There’s a murder mystery, some real soul searching on the part of both hero and heroine and wonderful secondary characters that knit the whole thing together beautifully. LOVED it. And I bet even non-Amish lovers would as well.

    What are you currently reading?

    A Love Forbidden by Kathleen Morgan. (Historical) The author caught my attention in the first few pages. It’s the kind of book you get all excited about when you can snatch some time to read.

    What’s the next book on your To Be Read stack?

    Haven’t completely decided yet since I have some review books coming. Hoping for a suspense, but we’ll see. 🙂


    • Monday, May 7, 2012 2:58 pm

      Sounds to me like the thought behind the cover design for that book was “put a bonnet on it and it’ll sell.” I’ve got at least one Kathleen Morgan book on my Kindle, so once I finish those three in my “currently reading” list, I may have to put her at the top of the list.


  13. Monday, May 7, 2012 11:48 am

    I recently finished Beautiful Battles by Mary DeMuth
    I’m reading Reinventing Leona by Lynn Gentry

    Not sure what will be next…


    • Monday, May 7, 2012 2:58 pm

      What did you think of Mary’s book? I’ve heard her prose is absolutely beautiful, but she deals with tough subject matter.


      • Monday, May 7, 2012 3:02 pm

        I love Mary’s fiction and non-fiction. This book is about spiritual battles and I think it is a must read for those of us interested in promoting the kingdom.


  14. Monday, May 7, 2012 12:37 pm

    Cherry Blossom Capers novella. Fast paced and fun! I’m giving a copy away on my blog this week. And Kisses from Katie, the incredible story of a young lady missionary in Uganda.

    My current list is huge, I always have “too many” books on my nightstand. 1. A Tale of Two Sond by MacArthur, House by Dekker and Peretti, The Bourne Betrayal by Robert Ludlum, Unsolved Miracles by John Van Deist (who I got to meet a a recent writers conference- I blogged about that too teehe), The Connected Child (does this count? It’s non fiction), Love’s Sacred Song by Mesu Andrews. I THINK that’s it but I might find a book or two in purses. I do actually read them all just depending on the mood I’m in.

    Next: I’m supposed to be writing so I better just finish what I’ve got!

    Kaye, I love your interactive blogging and your generous heart for sharing the craft of writing! Keep it up. Enjoy your week. Write on girl!


  15. Liz permalink
    Monday, May 7, 2012 12:50 pm

    The last book I finished was The Haunting of Maddy Clare by Simone St. James. It’s set in England between the world wars and I thoroughly enjoyed the gothic feel (and the romance!)

    I’m currently reading The Dark Enquiry by Deanna Raybourn, set in Victorian England. As for what I’m reading next, who knows…I always plan to read a certain book but then a new one catches my eye.


    • Monday, May 7, 2012 3:01 pm

      Liz, The Dark Enquiry is one of the Julia Grey novels, isn’t it? Have you read her stand-alone The Dead Travel Fast? I listened to that one in the car about two years ago, and it was fantastic. I haven’t read the Julia Grey books yet.


      • Liz permalink
        Monday, May 7, 2012 3:47 pm

        The Julia Grey books are fantastic as well! I’m sad that Deanna Raybourn is taking a break from the series to write a few stand-alone novels. I haven’t read The Dead Travel Fast yet but definitely want to!


  16. Audry permalink
    Monday, May 7, 2012 2:33 pm

    The last book I finished was Memory, the 10th book in Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan saga. I read them all years ago, but recently decided to re-read the series, partly because it’s science fiction with really good world-building and I’m going to be a first reader for the science fiction novel a friend of mine is working on right now.

    After 10 books of that series (plus the assorted short stories and novellas that come in between some of the) I needed a break, and just then Elizabeth George’s latest, Believing the Lie, showed up at my library, so I’m about 2/3 – 3/4 of the way through that right now. So far the plot (she writes murder mysteries involving the same Scotland Yard detectives) seems good, but other elements of her books have started irritating me more and more over the past few installments and this one is no exception.

    Next on my list will be one of the two I just picked up from the library this weekend: Feed, by Mira Grant, which appears to be a YA novel about freedom of information and the press masquerading as a zombie book; and Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil, by Tom Mueller.


  17. amberfrench permalink
    Monday, May 7, 2012 4:21 pm

    most recent would be “catching fire” by suzanne collins. this is book 2 in “the hunger games” trilogy. i loved it! i thought the first one was ok but this one pulled me in immediately. i’m right now reading “mockingjay,” the third book. i’m about halfway finished and hanging on as she ties it all together. so far, “catching fire” has been my favorite. after this, i have a few review books to read.


  18. Monday, May 7, 2012 4:58 pm

    I’ve just finished Stardust by Carla Putman, which was great.

    Next up is either Crazy Dangerous (which I picked up because the title was intriguing), Swipe by Evan Angler (YA fiction) or Two Crosses by Elizabeth Mussler, a new-to-me author.

    I downloaded the Hunger Games trilogy to read… and then my Kobo died. I’m waiting to see if a bit of prayer (and drying out in the hot water cupboard) will help, and reading on my Kindle in the meantime.


  19. Monday, May 7, 2012 6:58 pm

    just finished reading “Attachments” by Rainbow Rowell…. which was AMAZING! Now reading Making Waves by Lorna Seilstad… which is pretty light so it shouldn’t take too much longer— Next up, Harvest of Rubies by Tess Afsar ( looooved Pearl in the Sand!) Everyone go read “Attachments” now!


    • booktalkandmore permalink
      Monday, May 7, 2012 7:03 pm

      Seriously, YES, everyone read Attachments. LOVE THAT BOOK!


  20. Barbara Hoeffler permalink
    Monday, May 7, 2012 7:47 pm

    I just finished “The Shoemaker’s Wife” by Adriana Trigiani, and I’m sad that it’s over! It’s a wonderful story based on Adriana’s grandparents who immigrated here from Northern Italy. It is a love story, but also a family saga, and a historical novel. I fell in love with the characters. As in all novels by this author, there are themes of strong family bonds, loyalty, courage, friendship, and romantic love that stands true through heartbreak, joy, and time. On my “to read” list right now I have some young adult novels because it’s been suggested that I turn the manuscript I’m working on into a young adult novel. I began reading Kristi Holl’s “Vanished” today. I have also “The Hunger Games” trilogy. I think the third one does pick up in action eventually. I personally liked the ending, but I’ve heard that others didn’t. I couldn’t put those books down!


    • Tuesday, May 8, 2012 12:16 am

      Just finished Beth Vogt’s “Wish You Were Here” and I really enjoyed it–so not predictable in the ways that matter most, and for that I recommend it.

      My travel book for our upcoming trip is “Alaska” by James Michener. It’s high time I read it since we’ve lived in Alaska for 10 months now!

      Nonfiction: Reading “Leading Women to the Heart of God” with the Wives of Faith ministry team.

      I have a slew of books on my Kindle…I am not sure which of them I’ll read next!


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