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Fun Friday–Top 5 Fun Friday Posts Ever

Friday, February 20, 2009


Continuing with the theme for the week of going back and reviewing series, I thought I’d let y’all in on a little secret today . . . the five Fun Friday posts that get the most hits on my blog. Almost every day (with a few exceptions as has happened this week when I mentioned a particular link in an e-mail to the ACFW loop), there are two posts that vie for the top spot of the most clicked-on posts on my blog. As a matter of fact, I get as many or more hits each day on these two posts (individually) as I did on my entire blog the first six or seven months I was doing it!

So here, according to the average number of hits per day, are the top five Fun Friday topics I’ve ever posted.

5. Best On-Screen Kisses (Friday June 15, 2007; Averages 10 hits per day)

    Navarre and Isabeau in Ladyhawke. Navarre and Isabeau were cursed for loving each other—Navarre becomes a wolf by night while Isabeau becomes a hawk by day. Forever together, yet always separated. Therefore, when the curse is lifted, their reunion at the end is amazing. …

4. Favorite British Actresses (Friday March 14, 2008; Averages 12 hits per day)

    Daniela Denby-Ashe. Fans of North & South know exactly why Daniela is on my list! She’s the actress who played the character that reformed John Thornton and made us all fall in love with Richard Armitage. One of the things I really like about her is that she (like many other British actresses) isn’t the epitome of high-fashion beauty—like most American actresses. And it made us love John Thornton even more that he’d fall in love with the somewhat plump brunette instead of the skinny blonde. Although we don’t get the series here, she has also been a series regular on the BBC staples East Enders and My Family (with Sir Robert Lindsay—on last week’s list). She also doesn’t have any works-in-progress listed on her page, but I’m sure whatever she chooses to do next, she’ll be great in it. …

3. Great Movie Costumes (Monday October 1, 2007—in lieu of a Fun Friday post; Averages 13 hits per day)

    Persuasion, Master & Commander, and the Hornblower series. These films help me out so much in visualizing the uniforms and costumes as I work on the Ransome series (even though these are all pre-1812, when the uniform codes changed slightly), so I had to do two images:

2. Pride & Prejudice (Part 1) (Friday February 8, 2008; Averages 35 hits per day)

    Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, gentleman. Age 28. Inherited an enormous estate in Derbyshire from his father. Is worth a rumored 10,000 pounds/year (about 5–600,000 in today’s currency!). Described by Jane as being a “fine, tall person” with “handsome features [and] noble mien.”


    1980: David Rintoul, my favorite Mr. Darcy. Yes, he was stiff. But David Rintoul pulls off the stiffness while making it look like it’s because he’s uncomfortable in the situation, as the introverted Darcy would have been. And David Rintoul looks really good in the Regency-cut coats and trousers!

    1995: Colin Firth, everyone else’s favorite Darcy. For me, he’s too jowly and doughy-looking to fit my mental image of Mr. Darcy, developed, as I’ve already mentioned, for many years before Colin Firth was ever cast in this role. …

And finally, the #1 post on my blog. The post that has gotten more hits since it originally “aired” than any other single post or page on this site . . .

1. Favorite Medieval Movies (Friday November 2, 2007; Averages 40 hits per day, with a total of 13,252 page views—and counting)

    A Knight’s Tale. If Chaucer were alive in the 21st century, what kinds of stories would he be writing? All hail to A Knight’s Tale for bringing us a campy, fun, hysterical movie that at once pays homage to the medieval pasttimes of tournaments and chivalry while also making fun of them. This may be Paul Bettany’s best role to date, as Chaucer—the writer who gives “the truth scope.” Oh, and look—it’s another medieval featuring Rufus Sewell, this time portraying the villain, which he does with aplomb. The major flaw of this movie is the ill-concieved romance storyline. Neither the character nor the actress playing Will’s love interest is at all likeable, which makes that part of the film fall flat. But that’s easily ignored for all of the other wonderful parts of the movie. …

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