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Goal Setting

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Originally published October 2014

Dreams vs. Goals: Do You Dream of Being a Writer?

    • But will the dream of “being a writer” actually get you there? Is it something that’s as nebulous, as insubstantial, as the stories that run through our heads when we’re asleep? Or is the dream attainable?

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Dreams vs. Goals: Give Your Writing Dreams Marching Orders

    • Dreams are hopes. Dreams are wishes. Dreams are visions of an outcome . . . without a visualization of the steps needed to reach that outcome.

Goals are what we need in order to figure out how to reach the end we’re dreaming of. read more . . .

Dreams vs. Goals: Setting Goals to Achieve Our Writing Dreams

    • While starting out with a vague goal (still something achievable, but without “legs” to walk through all the way to the end result) is a good starting place, setting specific goals with actionable items is going to be how you measure your success.

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Dreams vs. Goals: What if my Writing Goals Change? What if I Fail?

    • One of the reasons why I believe most dreamers are hesitant to actually sit down and go through the process I’ve described over the last few days—setting goals, writing them down, and setting a timeline—is not only because doing that makes it more concrete, more real, but also because by defining exactly what it is that we want to accomplish, we are defining exactly the ways in which we can fail.

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