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Stand-In Groom

stand-ingroom-smBrides of Bonneterre Book 1
ISBN-13: 978-1-60260-288-5
Barbour Publishing

2010 Christy Award Finalist

Wedding planner Anne Hawthorne’s professionalism is tested when she thinks she’s falling in love with a client. Englishman George Laurence came to Louisiana to plan his employer’s wedding . . . posing as the groom. If Anne learns the groom’s true identity, George could lose her forever. Can he risk his career to keep the woman he loves? Can Anne face her fears and risk her heart on the handsome Englishman? Can both trust God to give them their own happy ending?

Posts about Stand-In Groom:
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Stand-In Groom Edits Day 5
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It’s Out!
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Becoming a Writer: Where Do Stories Come From?
Reviews of Stand-In Groom
SIG Sightings
Title Goes Here (how SIG got its title)
Fun Friday–Songs from Stand-In Groom
MENU FOR ROMANCE: The Inspiration (how MFR grew out of SIG)
MENU FOR ROMANCE: The Character-Casting Process (how SIG character casting influenced MFR characters)
MENU FOR ROMANCE: Settings (they’re set in the same place, after all!)

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