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Stand-In Groom Edits Day 3

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I managed not only to make it through the day today without feeling like I was going to fall asleep at my desk, but got to the gym and walked two miles and went back to the library for some more edits.

Thursday, March 13: I arrived at the library at seven and lucked into another empty group study room. After twenty minutes, though, I figured out why it was empty. The people in the room next door were so loud—and had an occasionally screaming child in there with them—that even with my earphones in and music turned up as loud as I could stand it, I could still hear them. Instead of making a scene and knocking on the door and asking them to shut up (which might surprise Ruth, Lori, and Leticia—after the movie theater incident and asking the loud drunk chicks last night to take their conversation outside), I packed everything up again and ended up moving to a carrel on the other side of the building.

Completed: Chapters 10–14. Rewrote the dialogue in the scene I didn’t like. Cut some unimportant stuff here and there. Got rid of more “as” and “was” sentence constructions (that’s what’s taking me the longest!). I’m now officially halfway through (and I say “officially” because I set the completed pages next to what’s remaining and the stacks were the same height).

What’s even better, I completed chapter six of Menu for Romance and will get that out to the CPs tonight!

Tomorrow, the library closes early, so I’ll have to be disciplined and work at home. But things are looking quite good that I’ll be able to meet my goal of getting all of these changes finished by Monday evening.

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