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April 2021 The Planner Society Kit Unboxing

Friday, April 23, 2021

During lockdown, I’ve become something of an online shopping/subscription box addict. I’ve tried multiple types of subscription boxes over the past year — from food to makeup/nail art to “variety of mostly stuff I ended up having no use for” (or however you would describe boxes like Fab, Fit, Fun that tend to focus more on “aesthetic” than “useful”; or maybe I’m just not their target audience).

I’ve settled on two subscription kits that, for the most part, hit the sweet spots for me between “I just want to get boxes of stuff in the mail to open” and “hey, I’ll actually use that!”

Here’s a video of me unboxing the first of my two subscription boxes for April — The Planner Society Kit sub box, which is their big box. This one works for me because during this time while I’ve struggled to find my way back to creative writing, I’ve kept my creativity toned up and healthy by creative planner design/journal keeping. So anything to keep myself doing something creative on paper helps!

Next week, I’ll post the unboxing of my other subscription box!

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