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December Challenge Day 6 (12 Minutes per Day) | #amwriting

Monday, December 7, 2020

She’d started drawing them as soon as she’d been able to hold a crayon. Rudimentary at first, then with more and more detail. By third grade, her skill at drawing the scenes in her head had her school talking to the foster agency about getting her into specialized classes or art lessons. But the foster agency was too overwhelmed to be able to pay that much attention to one little orphan girl.

It hadn’t been until college, when she’d taken a class on Industrial Revolution–era art in advertising and journalism that she’d realized what she’d been drawing her entire life: London in the 1850s.

Sometimes street scenes. Sometimes images from newspaper articles. Sometimes near identical advertisements for products she thought she’d made up.

But more often than any of those had been scenes from the most magnificent event of the mid-nineteenth century. The Great Exhibition.

Thinking she’d created an impossibly large and grandiose museum that could never have existed back when women wore long, bell-shaped dresses, as soon as she’d seen the first image from…

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  1. Monday, December 7, 2020 12:38 am

    Challenge for December: set a timer and write for 12 minutes each day. Off to a slow start. I’ve been thinking about this story since I wrote the intro to it a week or so ago. But today is the first day I’ve followed through on my self-challenge, gotten out my reMarkable tablet, and set the timer.

    For a challenge like this, it really helped that I had the first line formed in my head before I started the timer. And yes, I stopped in the middle of a sentence when the timer went off!


    • Gwen permalink
      Monday, December 7, 2020 6:42 pm

      Twelve minutes a day in December! So happy to have more of your writing to read. And an avenue through which to offer you encouragement.

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