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November Challenge Day 18 | #nanowrimo

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Writing Prompts

1. His or her high school cafeteria—but one thing is very different

2. Every year at the stroke of midnight on November 30, something important happens.

3. A character can not tell the truth, even when they want to.

4. Rewrite these characters into a fairytale.

5. There’s a legend of a buried treasure in Gossettville, and a scavenger hunt to find it every fall. H/Hn get teamed up to work together to “find it” (i.e., win the game).

6. Mac wakes up to find an animal in her apartment. What is it, what is here immediate reaction, and what does she do about/with it?

7. Mac daydreams about her dream job. What is the job and how does she feel about it?

8. Kars discovers he has supernatural powers and could heal his mother—but all magic comes with a(n equal and opposite) price. What is the price? What does he choose to do?

9. What is each character’s worst fear? Make them face it (or some version of it).

10. Each character has the worst day ever. Then they have dinner together. What happens at dinner?

11. Ripped from the headlines—use a headline as a prompt.

12. Drop a bomb—an unexpected kiss, arrival,departure, fight, etc.

13. A character from one of my character’s favorite TV show or movie suddenly shows up. What happens?

14. Character has his/her first-ever panic or anxiety attack. Why? How does he/she handle it?

15. Characters have to participate in an icebreaker game in a social setting. What game is it? What do they share about themselves? What do they learn about each other—not just through what is shared verbally.

16. Characters have to empty their school bags/pockets in front of each other. What’s there? How do they react to each other’s stuff and to the other seeing their stuff?

17. Mac secretly observes Kars dining at a restaurant. What does she learn about him?

18. Mac and Kars share their personal romantic histories with each other.

19. What regular habit/quirk does each do that annoys the other? How does each handle it?

20. Create three strong supporting characters for each lead.

21. Determine/create an antagonist for each main character.

22. Character has an epiphany (doesn’t need to be life changing). What is it and what does it change?

23. Create a Top 10 favorites list for each character.

24. A planned event is highly anticipated, but everything that can go wrong does.

25. Twenty questions—each must ask the other, each must answer honestly.

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  1. Thursday, November 19, 2020 1:59 am

    I need to stop trying to “write a story” and just write. Thus, some prompts I’ll be working on.



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