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Welcome to Gossettville!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

As I posted on Instagram several months ago: “My first published novel grew out of a fictional city I’d created and been playing around with for years. So I’m taking myself back to square one and starting a new fictional city in hopes of jump-starting my writing after five years away.” I’m happy now to introduce you to GOSSETTVILLE, my new fictional setting, by way of a fictional marketing spiel!

Welcome to Gossettville!

If you take Exit 58 off Highway 112, it will take you through the wooded mountains of Yarrow Lake State Park into the heart of Historic Downtown Gossettville. Settled and founded by Donnal Gossett in the early 1800s, the main features today are the painstakingly restored Victorian-era rowhouse buildings that surround the 1830s courthouse in the center of the Courthouse Commons park. These three- and four-floor buildings—which feature unique facades and a variety of colors, and used to be homes for the earliest residents of Gossettville—are now home to a thriving retail and business community, providing retail space on the street level and office spaces above.

Artist’s rendering of a block of Historic Downtown Gossettville buildings.
Image ©2018 by Kaye Dacus, Do Not Copy or Share without Permission

Venture outside of Historic Downtown and you’ll get to explore a plethora of unique and diverse communities providing a wide variety of entertainment, dining, shopping, staying/playing, and living options. Looking for a house to buy or a vacation rental? Check out Tiny Town Village—an entire neighborhood celebrating small-space living. Need more room? Gossettville boasts vacation rentals of all sizes and all the real estate opportunities a new resident could desire. You’ll definitely want to give one of Gossettville’s historic Bed & Breakfast inns a try. Visitors can find any level of comfort for your stay—from rustic campsites to five-star luxury spa hotels and all-inclusive resorts.

Golden eagle in flight. (Source)

For outdoors enthusiasts, Gossettville is unequaled! In the warm months, enjoy all aspects of water sports and activities on Yarrow Lake. Hike trails from the easiest stroll to trails that professionals find challenging. Enjoy rock climbing, repelling, zip lines, and Bungee jumping at Gossett Point. You can spelunk at Parham Caves from March to November every year—and at Halloween, the spooks and specters come out just in time for the Haunted Cave Tour. Equine lovers can find multiple stables around the lake offering trail rides along the shoreline or into the woods and hills of the Yarrow State Park and Golden Eagle Sanctuary.

Avid anglers will want to get in touch with Gossettville’s Anglers’ Club to learn all the best places and tackle for fishing Yarrow Lake and the myriad of surrounding streams and rivers. And be sure to join us for the Biggest Fish Fry, where everyone gets to feast on the results of the Annual Yarrow Lake Fishing Tournament (Labor Day Weekend each year). Hunters, be sure to visit the Gossettville website for this year’s calendar and information on permits and licenses for everything from deer and wild turkey to quail, rabbit, and waterfowl. The Yarrow Hunting Club hosts its annual field trials the week of Memorial Day each year in association with the Gossettville Wildlife Management Area, with demonstrations and competitions for field and water hunting dogs.

Inspiration for a fishing spot in Gossettville
Photo ©2018 by Kaye Dacus, Do Not Share or Copy without Permission

At normal pool, Yarrow Lake has a surface area of 21,900 acres, a maximum depth of 85 feet, and an average depth of 35 feet. The lake is fourteen miles long and three miles wide and, between the perimeter and the islands, has 192 miles of shoreline. This means there are plenty of marinas where you can rent or slip boats, pontoons, and houseboats, along with all kinds of other water toys. There are also five designated swimming beaches—two of which are on the biggest islands in the lake—complete with grills and picnic pavilions.

Inspiration for Yarrow Lake.
Photo ©2018 by Kaye Dacus, Do Not Share or Copy without Permission

When the weather turns cold and the snow starts to fly, strap on your skis or snowboard to enjoy one of Gossettville’s three downhill ski parks, featuring world-class ski slopes from green circle to black diamond. Or take off cross-country and ski or snowshoe some of the area’s most beautiful nature trails. Don’t forget about tubing and sledding, and indoor or outdoor ice skating—and snow machine rentals and trails, as well.

Inspiration for a ski resort in Gossettville. (Source)

After playing hard all day, you’ll be hungry! Explore the wide range of dining options in each unique community within Gossettville. Can’t decide? Let us suggest starting in Historic Downtown, where there’s a restaurant on nearly every corner—and then some! From there, you can work your way out and experience all the delicious food and rousing entertainment the city has to offer.

Inspiration for a restaurant in Gossettville. (Source)

Music lover? Many bars and restaurants around the area regularly feature live music, and the Gossettville Civic Center hosts some of the highest-demand music tours each year. Each August, the Gossettville Music Fest brings together all genres of music with live performances on multiple stages at the Rose Bay Waterfront Park. And don’t forget to check the schedule of the Gossettville Choral Society. The GCS performs several times each year, and the December holiday and Memorial Day concerts with the Gossettville Symphony are the most popular—so get your tickets early!

Whether your idea of fun and relaxation is a tent in the woods and a fishing boat on the lake or a five-star resort and a day at the spa, Gossettville has everything you’re looking for. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Gossettville adventures coming . . . soon, hopefully!

  1. Shirley Taylor permalink
    Saturday, September 1, 2018 7:34 pm

    I love this! When I was in grade 5 I had the most awesome teacher that ever existed and while I don’t remember the why I do remember she had us create our own country and we all got to create our own city in it and create a tourist pamphlet for it (which I still have somewhere). When my oldest daughter was 8 she discovered a book at the library called How to Build Your Own Country (by Valerie Wyatt) and I always thought it would be the most useful book for writers who create their own worlds etc. 😀
    I’m currently writing up a backstory/outline for my attempt at NaNoWriMo this year! My youngest is starting school so I will have the school days to get in lots of work and writing! So excited!

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    • Saturday, September 1, 2018 10:20 pm

      Ooh, I’m going to have to find a copy of that book!

      I haven’t decided if I’m going to try NaNo this year or not. Right now, I still don’t have a clear story idea to work on.



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