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Get Motivated: Two Truths about Writing | #amwriting

Sunday, May 13, 2018

As time passed, I saw [my] morning’s inspiration was the foundation to a successful writer’s inner life. That every one of the things I jotted down was a point at which a writer might fall off the cliff into self-doubt, questioning herself and feeling challenged. Even feeling caught in a choice between life in the “real” world and her creative life. The kind of challenges to one’s sense of self as a writer that could cause a halt to writing or pursuing aspirations. One might even put down their pen, quit writing forever without ever realizing the keys to this inner game can be filed on a shelf in the heart or mind. That we can learn to recognize them, get what we need to keep going, even when each point may be a boulder to trip on, leaving us feeling stuck in life, experiencing writer’s block.

There are two old truths we often forget. One, it’s not how often we falter or fall, but how fast we get up. And two, the creative life is our “real” life.

~Heloise Jones
The Writer’s Block Myth: A Guide To Get Past Stuck & Experience Lasting Creative Freedom
p. 18

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