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Dreams vs. Goals — Do You Dream of Being a Writer? | #amwriting

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

We all have dreams—things we want, things we hope for.

But will the dream of “being a writer” actually get you there? Is it something that’s as nebulous, as insubstantial, as the stories that run through our heads when we’re asleep? Or is the dream attainable?

Dreams are hopes. Dreams are wishes. Dreams are visions of an outcome . . . without a visualization of the steps needed to reach that outcome.

Goals are what we need in order to figure out how to reach the end we’re dreaming of.

You may be a best-selling author or just getting started with your writing. You may dream of getting published by a big New York publisher; or you may want to self-publish. In this course, you’ll turn your dreams into specific goals . . . and then use those goals in order to work on making your dreams come true.

Click here to learn how to get started.

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I’m proud of what I’ve created, and I’d really appreciate if you’d help me out by watching my class.

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Your enrollment will help my class trend on Skillshare, which means that more students will be able to discover it.

If you know of anyone else that’d be interested in learning how to set goals to reach their writing dreams, I’d appreciate if you’d share the link with them, too.

Thanks so much!

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