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2018 Writing Challenge

Regaining My Writing Mojo in 2018
This year, I take it back!

And by “take it back,” I mean take back my joy of writing from the anxiety, fear, and stress that it became when I was writing under contract many years ago. It’s time I take my writing mojo back from the gremlins that stole it and made me think it was gone.

Here’s how I’m doing it:

2018 Writing & Professional Development Goals

Regaining My Writing Mojo in 2018


SOTP Writers and Plotters—a #TBT Post and a Follow-up Question

Are You a Plotter or a Pantser–or a Plantser?

Top Ten SOTP Writing Exercises

#TBT: NaNo Prep: Draft Writing vs. Regular Writing

Get Motivated: Anne Lamott on Writing First Drafts


Here’s how I started the year before realizing that this level of planning wasn’t going to work for me.

#FirstDraft Planning Day 1: Setting Up a Story Bible

#FirstDraft Planning Day 2: Basic Story Structure and Timeline Setup

#FirstDraft Planning Day 3: Continue Story Structure/Timeline Setup

#FirstDraft Planning Day 4: Making Lists–Characters and Settings

#FirstDraft Planning Day 6: Four Character Building Questions

#FirstDraft Planning Days 7, 8, 9: Characters’ SHAPE and Writing the Opening Scene

#FirstDraft Planning Day 10: Character Casting and Physical Descriptions

#FirstDraft Planning Day 11: My Story Compass

#FirstDraft Planning Days 12 & 13: Visualizing with Pinterest, and Heroine Backstory

#FirstDraft Planning Day 14: Write the Hero’s Backstory

Wednesday Writing Report — 7 February 2018

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