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Book-Talk Monday: My Reader Bio | #amreading

Monday, March 27, 2017

Professional writers learn early on that we must be able to write an Author Bio that can be used just about anywhere to give readers a snapshot of what kind of author we are. For example:

But have you ever considered creating a READER BIO for yourself? How would you give someone else a snapshot-description of what kind of a “professional” reader you are?

What to Include in a Reader Bio
If we approach writing our Reader Bio the same way that writers do the Author Bio, here are some items to consider including:

  • Your literary background—what makes you a “professional” reader?
  • Your education—if that has any bearing on how you became a reader
  • Achievements or awards—what are your greatest reading achievements? have you ever received a reward for reading?
  • Your reading experience—how long have you been reading? how many genres do you read?
  • Contests—have you ever been a judge in a book-of-the-year type of contest (Rita, Carol, Nebula, etc.).
  • Your personal info—where are you from, what are your interests aside from reading?
  • A Reader Headshot (aka, selfie)—if you have one.

My Reader Bio
Kaye Dacus is an avid bibliophile who has been reading fiction for more than forty years. Throughout her school years, it was unusual to see her without a book in her hands (though, rarely one that was assigned reading for school—she hated those). By late elementary school, she had already finished reading the Black Stallion and Nancy Drew series, and the Little House on the Prairie series was a perennial favorite. At age twelve, she discovered romance novels—and has never looked back, consuming every Sunfire Romance novel (young adult) alongside all of the Jude Deveraux, Julie Garwood, and Catherine Coulter her mother had on her selves. While she makes forays into multiple other genres—including science fiction, fantasy, and mystery—historical romance will always be Kaye’s favorite genre to read. She has served as a judge for the Rita (RWA) and Carol (ACFW) book of the year contests several times, and curates an ever growing and evolving collection on Goodreads. Kaye lives in Nashville, TN, where she spends her days working as an editor, her evenings writing romance, and slips into bed every night with something on her Kindle bound to keep her up reading into the wee hours of the night. To learn more about Kaye and what she’s reading, visit her on Goodreads.

Your Turn! What’s Your Reader Bio?

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