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#FirstDraft120 Day 68: It’s THORsday! #amwriting #1k1hr #handwriting

Thursday, December 8, 2016


On Thursdays, we do an alternate version of Timer Tuesday—instead of challenging ourselves to sit at the computer and try to crank out as many words as fast as we can, the challenge is to get away from the computer.

fd120-thorsdayWhat Does THORsday Mean?
It’s pretty simple. Our writing challenge for today is:

What that means is that for the length of time you designate (half an hour, 45 minutes, an hour, etc.), you will write by hand (on actual paper). You will turn off all of your Internet-connected devices (or put them away/get away from them). And you will find a remote spot in which to work—in other words, don’t do this at the same place where you usually write. Go into a different room. Go outside. If you can, get out of the house and go work somewhere else, like your public library or a coffee shop.

Otherwise, try to follow all of the same tips that we use for regular 1k1hr writing sprints. (Refresher here.)

Assignment: Leave a comment with your THORsday goal—when, where, and for how long do you plan to do your handwritten challenge today? If you’d like to, for accountability’s sake, come back afterward and post an image of your handwritten work.

Link to instructions for posting images in the comments.

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  1. Carol permalink
    Tuesday, December 27, 2016 4:15 pm

    I haven’t written in weeks. I hate my story. I really wonder if I need to ditch it and move on to something else? Sigh…. Maybe I need to sit down with paper and pen and see what happens. 😦


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