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Fun Friday: Thoughts I Had While Watching ‘Batman v Superman’

Friday, July 22, 2016

Fun Friday 2013
If you’ve been hanging out here for a while, you’ll know that a few years ago, I had a thing for a certain actor unknown to anyone who hadn’t seen The Tudors. Such a thing, in fact, that he was the physical template on which I patterned the character of Andrew Lawton in Follow the Heart. And because I sent links to images of this actor to the designer who created the cover of the book, he did a wonderful job of finding a model who greatly resembled him for the cover:

Henry Cavill and the guy who was chosen to represent him on the cover of FTH.

Henry Cavill and the guy who was chosen to represent him on the cover of FTH.

So when it was announced that he’d been cast as Superman in the movie Man of Steel, I knew he’d arrived . . . just like the unknown actor I’d chosen for the hero of An Honest Heart, who, at that point had only been seen in a brief cameo role in the Star Trek reboot movie in 2009 but then, after I chose him as the template for Neal in AHH, was cast as Thor. (Can I pick them, or what?)

I was super (ha!) excited about seeing Henry as Clark Kent/Superman in MoS. At least, I was until about 20 minutes into the movie. Ugh, what a mess that film was! Fortunately, by the time that film released, I’d already finished writing Follow the Heart, so my Andrew wasn’t tainted by my disappointment in both Henry and the movie.

When the follow-up movie—Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice—was announced, I knew beyond a shadow of doubt that I wouldn’t enjoy it. However, because of some minor lingering feelings for Henry as well as a reason I’ll explain in the stream of consciousness below, I felt the need to watch BvS once it came out on digital video.

So here, without further ado or exposition, are the thoughts/reactions I posted to FB while watching BvS.

*******SPOILERS ALERT*******



.(You’ve been warned!)
Thoughts I Had While Watching ‘Batman v Superman’ |

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