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Fun Friday — PBS and Ridley Scott’s ‘Mercy Street’

Friday, March 11, 2016

Fun Friday 2013In case you didn’t catch it after Downton Abbey this winter, in the U.S., PBS aired a six-part miniseries that quickly became my new favorite costume drama: Mercy Street.

I know some people chose not to watch it because they thought it might be too gory—and I will admit that there were some medical scenes that made me squirm, but no more so than any of the recent or current forensics/police shows (Bones, CSI were/are both much more gory than this) or medical shows (Chicago Hope, Code Black). Plus, in just under six hours of television the characters are better developed and storylines more complexly explored than in a full 22-episode season of most TV shows. So when it ended a couple of weeks ago, with most of the storylines still hanging, I was distraught.

Until earlier this week when it was announced that they’re definitely getting a second season. To celebrate, here are some trailers/behind the scenes videos. And you can watch full-episodes online on the PBS website (or on the PBS App on Roku or Fire TV devices) or streaming on Amazon with a Prime membership.

Nurse Mary and Dr. Foster!!!!

Did you watch Mercy Street? What did you think?

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