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#LeapAheadWritingMarathon Day 29: Monday Motivation with Author Gayle Forman (@gayleforman)

Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Ahead Marathon LogoIt’s the last day of the Leap-Ahead Writing Marathon. Remember, the goal of this marathon was not really about word-count but about commitment.

I mentioned last Thursday that I wanted to finish out the month by having written at least 29,000 words on The Spymaster’s Daughter in the month of February. Last week, I made the commitment to do at least one 1k1hr writing sprint each day. A goal which I (almost) succeeded on . . . Saturday was the only day I didn’t do that (though I did write—the book review I posted on Saturday, which is about 2,400 words).

On Thursday, once I realized how close I was to getting to that 29k mark, I started doing two 1k1hr sprints a day, and I was writing between 2,200 and 2,500 words a day. Yesterday, I did them later at night and really found my rhythm—a little more than 1,500 words in the first sprint, and right at 1,800 words in about 50 minutes in the second sprint.

So my word-count goal for this final day of the marathon is 2,138—the total I need to hit the 29k mark for the month.

I’m not sure when I’ll be doing my 1k1hr sprints today—but I will be doing two of them, and I will be announcing them on Twitter.

Today’s motivational video features advice for writers from author Gayle Forman:

What can you commit to doing today on your manuscript that will help you to “leap ahead” with your writing this leap year?

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