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#LeapAheadWritingMarathon Day 26: Self-Evaluation, Word Count, Awesome Accomplishments, and Terrific Tidbits. It’s SWAT Day!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Leap Ahead Marathon LogoIt’s Friday! That means it’s time to check in with your progress in the marathon.

On Fridays, I want to know about your full writing week. What were your greatest successes during the week? What was your favorite line/bit that you wrote? What did you learn about yourself, your characters, and/or your story during the week’s work? What are you most proud of yourself for doing this week when it came to your writing? What are you proud of yourself for accomplishing?

That means it’s SWAT Day!

Check in with your progress on your story and share, if you feel like it, the following:

  • Self-Evaluation (how do you think you did? what can/do you want to do differently next week? what did you learn about yourself as a person or as a writer? what didn’t you do or finish that you wanted to? etc.)
  • Word count (total for the week, Saturday through today)
  • Awesome Accomplishments (breakthroughs, discoveries, highest daily word-count ever, etc.)
  • Tidbits too good not to share

If you don’t want to share this stuff publicly, that’s okay. You can add a section to your Story Bible or start a journal (or add this to your existing journal) to keep track of this. But don’t skip doing this—I think that in the future, when you look back either on what you accomplished during this marathon or (heaven forbid) why you gave up on it, the insights you’ll gather later with hindsight on your thoughts during the challenge will be invaluable.

Happy writing!

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  1. Carol permalink
    Friday, February 26, 2016 8:06 pm

    I think what I’ve learned is that I am not one who can work on my WIP every single day. I have to schedule days off. I’ve also learned that regardless of how it pains me I am going to have to spend some serious time learning to plot and outline in some way that makes sense to me. I will never be a Snowflake Method user. But totally winging it doesn’t work either. I’ve learned that for the rough draft anyway, I need to just focus on writing, not word count, not getting all the details down, just writing out the story. (Yeah, Kaye, that sounds familiar, doesn’t it…) I’ve learned I write better when I journal more often and for longer entries. And my journal must be written longhand. I’d say this has been a pretty successful writing marathon. In fact, I’d like to kind of keep the momentum going.


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