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#LeapAheadWritingMarathon Day 8: Monday Motivation with Ian McEwan

Monday, February 8, 2016

Leap Ahead Marathon LogoHow did your writing go this weekend?

I had a pretty productive weekend, considering I wrote only on Friday and Sunday (I’ve been participating in writing sprints that include a Google-Chat component through my grad-school group, and that has really helped). From Friday evening to Sunday evening, I wrote a total of 4,389 words—and I renamed my heroine and her brother.

With what I’ve been going through in trying to remember how to write (see my SWAT analysis of myself in the comments on Friday’s post for more of an explanation on that!), this video featuring part of an interview with award-winning author Ian McEwan really spoke to me and the crisis of confidence I’ve been having with the process of learning how to write again. Hopefully this will be motivating for you on this second Monday of the Leap-Ahead Marathon.

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