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January 2016 Weekend Writing Marathon, Day 2 — Even If You Don’t Want To! #WWMarathon

Saturday, January 16, 2016


Some writing motivation for marathon day 2 from Neil Gaiman:

I did my 1k1h sprint last night and added a total of 896 words to a chapter in progress (which included re-reading and lightly revising the 875 words of that chapter already written). I haven’t added these 1,770 words to the word-count meter yet—I want to wait until the chapter is complete and add the whole chapter’s count at that point.

I’ll be doing two 1k1h sprints today:
10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Central time Saturday 1/16/16
3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central time Saturday 1/16/16

What did you accomplish yesterday?

  1. Saturday, January 16, 2016 10:40 am

    I was a little late getting started on my first 1k1h this morning (almost 40 minutes late), but it was a productive hour. I did a little bit of research on the route my characters would take to get from Kidlington (north of Oxford) to Portsmouth and where they would have stopped midday. I found an inn in the Hampshire village of Whitchurch that has been there since the 1500s, so I had them stop there for a midday meal. And I had two very important things happen while they were there—and added 1,078 words, finishing the chapter!


  2. Saturday, January 16, 2016 1:21 pm

    A little “light” afternoon reading.


    All the Post-it Notes sticking out all over the place are from the last time I used these books—when I was writing the Ransome series!


  3. Saturday, January 16, 2016 4:43 pm

    How are you doing in the Weekend Writing Marathon? I’ve added a total 3,232 words so far and done some research that has me spinning out plot ideas faster than I can keep up with them.


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