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#FirstDraft60 Day 53 – THERE’S ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT?!?! Where did the time go?

Friday, October 23, 2015

#FirstDraft60 | KayeDacus.comFridays are our days to check in with our progress, by breaking it down into the following categories:

  • Self-Evaluation (how do you think you did? what can/do you want to do differently next week? what did you learn about yourself as a person or as a writer? what didn’t you do or finish that you wanted to? etc.)
  • Word count (total for the week, Saturday through today)
  • Awesome Accomplishments (breakthroughs, discoveries, highest daily word-count ever, etc.)
  • Tidbits too good not to share

Here’s mine:

  • Self-Evaluation
    As I’ve already shared this week, I had a bit of an epiphany moment at the beginning of this week, and have turned that into motivation to write every single day, whether I feel like it or not. I was tested on that yesterday—I was SO exhausted and just ready to crawl into the bed and pass out. But instead, I set a timer for 30 minutes and sat in bed with my Surface (tablet computer—this was also part of my compromise with myself: that I didn’t have to do it on the “real” a.k.a., laptop, computer). And I ended up writing almost 900 words. So while it was nowhere near what I did the three nights before that, I still wrote.
  • Word count
    With my effort to write every day, which started on Monday, after a gap of a week in which I had no significant word-count increase (but I did completely chart out the map of my fictional university and all of the departments/majors therein), in four days, I wrote 10,424 words.
  • Awesome Accomplishments
    Up until last night, I was writing a chapter per night. Yes, most of it will either be cut or completely rewritten when I get to that point after completing the first draft. But it doesn’t matter. Not only did I write every day (and averaged 2,606 words per day—or, basically, exactly what I needed to be doing this entire month), I find myself thinking more and more about the story and the characters, which is one of the major advantages to writing every day. It keeps it much more top of mind, and for me, that means I’m much more likely to have “breakthrough” moments throughout the day when I have an idea or inspiration for something that I just can’t wait to write.
  • Tidbits too good not to share
    I don’t know that this is “too good not to share,” but I really liked the way this dialogue between Stone (my hero) and his sister went. Stone’s sister, LauraAnn, has arrived in Nashville from Philadelphia unannounced. As a former FBI profiler, he can easily tell something’s wrong; as a big brother, he wants desperately to know how to fix it—or who to go after on her behalf. But he knows his sister too well to just come right out and ask.

    LauraAnn padded out of the guest room, her feet bare, her legs encased to mid-calf in exercise leggings. Her US Air Force T-shirt had seen a few too many washes, if the frayed hems and tiny holes making an irregular pattern were any indication.

    She dropped onto the sofa beside him, tucked her feet up beside her, wrapped her arms around his, and rested her head on his shoulder. She hadn’t done that in a long, long time.


    “Yeah. Stone?”


    “Is it okay if I stay with you indefinitely?”

    “It is. Of course, if you stay long enough, you may have to help me move again.”

    “That’s okay.”

    Neither of them moved. The TV flickered at them from across the room.



    “I’m not ready to talk about it yet.”

    “Okay.” He raised the remote and pulled up the on-screen guide. “Say when.”

    After clicking through about a dozen screens, each one showing five or six channels, he stopped when LauraAnn said, “When.”

How’s your writing going?

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