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#FirstDraft60 Day 12 — Review and Catch-up Day

Saturday, September 12, 2015

#FirstDraft60 | KayeDacus.comSaturdays throughout this challenge are going to be our days to review what we’ve covered during the week, and to catch up on anything we fell behind with.

When doing any kind of a challenge like this in which the goals are cumulative, it’s always good to build in a day (or two) to be able to get caught up on anything we’ve fallen behind with. Because most of us work during the week, we have more time to do this on the weekends. So for the next six weeks, be sure to set aside time on your weekend, whether on Saturday or Sunday to stop, review what you’ve accomplished throughout the previous week, and then caught up on anything you didn’t have time to finish or even start.

This isn’t permission to slack off during the week. It’s to give you permission to not beat yourself up if you don’t get an assignment done or a goal accomplished on the day it’s assigned. As long as you give it your best effort and the complete it by the end of the week, you’ll be able to stay on track.

So let’s begin.

Part 1: Review of the Week
Here are all of the assignments from this past week:

Assignment 1: Who are the characters that will have a viewpoint in your story (e.g., your “main” characters)? Who are some of your major secondary characters—those who are important but don’t get their own viewpoints?

Assignment 2: What POV will you be writing your story in? Is there anything you need to study/learn about this POV before you start writing?

Assignment: Create and complete, as best as you can, a S.H.A.P.E. chart for each of your main/viewpoint characters in your Story Bible.

Assignment: Add your characters’ physical description (using the [posted] “chart” or something of your own making) to your Story Bible. Cast your characters, if desired.

Assignment 1: Answer the [posted] questions for each of your viewpoint/main characters.

Assignment 2: For each character’s main story goal, determine what the main conflict is that will keep them from easily attaining that goal—and who or what presents that obstacle/challenge/conflict to the character.

Assignment: Write out the full backstory (as full as you can make it at this point) for each of your main/viewpoint characters.

Part 2: Catch-Up, Update, and Brainstorm
Assignments for Saturday:

  1. Review everything you’ve done so far and catch-up with anything you couldn’t get to or couldn’t finish during the week.
  2. Update your Story Bible and Style Guide based on everything you came up with this week.
  3. Once you’ve caught up and have everything updated, do some “what if” brainstorming with your character information and backstories and see if you can come up with some additional ideas for either the characters themselves or for your story/plot. Have fun with this. And if you feel inspired to write some scenes, do it!
  4. Check in and let us know how you’re doing, what you’ve accomplished, and what you hope to achieve this weekend.

Above all else, have a great weekend!

One Comment
  1. Saturday, September 12, 2015 1:48 pm

    Review of my week:
    Monday—assignments complete
    Tuesday—started but not yet complete
    Wednesday—characters are cast; physical descriptions not complete
    Thursday—started but not yet complete
    Friday—complete for Alex (heroine) but not for Stone (hero)

    My Catch-Up To-Do List:
    1. Complete the SHAPE charts for both Alex and Stone
    2. Complete the physical description chart for both Alex and Stone
    3. Finish answering the goals/motivations questions for both Alex and Stone
    4. Determine the main conflict for Alex and Stone and their relationship
    5. Write out Stone’s full backstory
    6. Update Style Guide with everything I determined about all characters this week
    7. Brainstorm what comes between the opening chapters I’ve already written and the scene/chapter I wrote yesterday
    8. Get coffee (move to #1)

    Whew—I’ve got some work to do. Best get started!


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