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Quick Reference Resources for NaNo or other Writing Marathons

Monday, October 28, 2013

As we looked at last week, when you’re fast drafting, or draft writing, you need to be able to get through your word-count quickly, which means that if you must stop to look something up, you need to make sure you’re not wasting time doing it. So here are some quick-click reference resources that you can bookmark to allow you to look something up quickly and then get right back to writing.

Language/Grammar Resources

Does that word mean what you think it does? Are you using the correct spelling of a homophone?

I can’t quite think of the right word, and I’m not going to be able to move forward until I do.

How would a character say this in his native language?*
*take these translations with a grain of salt—and check with an actual speaker of that language after you finish your first draft.

I just can’t continue writing until I know how to punctuate this.
University of Chicago Press Quick Guide to Punctuation (pdf)

How do I punctuate dialogue?
Where Do I Put the Quotation Marks?

Writing Resources

Help! I can’t think of a name for this character!
Behind the Name: Random Name Generator
Seventh Sanctum Fantasy Name Generator
Victorian and Steampunk Name Generator

Ack! I have this Scrivener/Word/OneNote/Evernote software, but I’m not quite sure what to do with it!
Scrivener Knowledge Base
Microsoft Word FAQ
OneNote Tips
Learn How to Use Evernote (video)

Health and Wellness Resources

My wrists/back/bum/neck/shoulders hurt.
Ergonomics Exercises

My eyes hurt!
How to Exercise Your Eyes

I’m hungry, but it’s not mealtime and I want to stay healthy.
100 Healthy Snack Ideas

I don’t have time to cook meals, but my family is counting on a hot meal.
101 Fall Crock Pot Recipes
15-Minute Dinner Recipes

I’m blocked/burned out and I just want to quit writing.
Encouragement for Writers


What resources do you have that you can share?

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