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What Does Valentine’s Day Mean to You?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

With due dates for freelance projects and an overdue manuscript, I’ve barely had time to think about Valentine’s Day except to see what I had that I could quickly post here on the blog that would be timely (thus the two “articles” I posted Monday and Tuesday).

I used to dread the onset of Valentine’s Day when I worked in the corporate world. At the newspaper where I worked, because I was in the advertising department, I heard about it all the time, with Valentine’s Day advertising packages for restaurants and spas and jewelry stores and liquor stores and florists. Hearts and flowers and red and pink were all over the paper—and all over our offices. When the day arrived, balloons and flowers and teddy bears and chocolates were all over the place—in fact, one year, someone received a singing telegram in our office. The only part I liked about it was the availability of the chocolate with which to drown my dislike of the day.

Since leaving the corporate world in 2006—first to work at a small publishing house where it wasn’t a big deal (and where we worked on Valentine-themed books in July and August) and now working at home—I’m a bit more pragmatic about the day. I can ignore the commercials on TV as I fast-forward through them. I can avoid the aisle at Kroger. I can make other plans for that day (like watching the Olympics—yay!).

But I thought it would be fun to find out what Valentine’s Day means to others, in their own words. So here we go . . .

Valentine’s Day has different meanings depending who you talk to. I know those who absolutely hate the day, and I was probably one of those people during years without a special someone. But when I had a special someone, the day was more peaceful, fun, filled with anticipation instead of anxiousness. So now, 10 years and 4 children later, Valentine’s Day is a day to make my children feel special as well as a day to spend some time away from my children. Time with just me and my husband helps me remember why we decided to become an us.
~Jennifer Elerick

Since my husband and I try to love each other all year, Valentine’s Day isn’t about us anymore. That is only secondary to my quest to find the perfect Valentine’s treats for my kids to distribute to their friends at school. Measly paper mini-cards just aren’t enough to reach super-cool status in preschool and kindergarten these days. Its all about stickers, fake jewelry, candy, 3-D designs, and scratch-and-sniff. Is it worth all the fuss when at the end of the school day, all you get for your time and effort is a “Thanks Mom, you’re cool”? You bet it is!
~Dolly Chandler

Valentine’s Day means LOVE. Of course, my hubby and I always do the ooey gooey romantic evening, but just as special is that every Valentine’s Day, my daddy brings me a flower, candy, and a card, because I am HIS Valentine too! My husband has continued the tradition with our three girls, always giving them something he picked out for them so they feel super duper special and loved! I think it’s a great time to remember how much our Heavenly Father loves us as well. We are HIS Valentine most of all!
~Krista Phillips

Valentine’s Day to me means it’s only one more day until heart shaped candy is 75% off.
~Jason Wert

Valentine’s day to me is a day to spread love. My husband (of 19 years) and I usually have dinner out. I also try to make him some chocolate-covered strawberries. But we also think of a few others. When my husband, Drew, came back from a deployment after 9/11, he really had a heart for deployed families. As an Air Force family, we also know someone who is deployed – and have been that deployed family several times. We try to do something for those deployed families close to us by either having the left-behind spouse and children over for dinner on Valentine’s night or pass out gifts to them. Just something small for them to know others are thinking of them on this day of love.

Valentine’s Day. Those words sound to me like five-inch nails on a chalkboard. Some wise person–a female, I believe–gave a better name to the holiday when she called it “Singleness Awareness Day.” Amen, sista!

To some, Valentine’s means flowers. Oooh, not me, though. I do not want flowers.

To some, Valentine’s means a box of chocolate. Oooh, not me, though. I am capable of buying chocolate myself, and when I do, I buy the yummy milk chocolate, not the junk with cherries in the center. I do not want a box of chocolates.

To some, Valentine’s means jewelry…and I have no complaint about this whatsoever. Although, it need not be anything fancy–every day, I wear a worn black macrame bracelet that a guy friend gave me. Therefore, I wouldn’t be bothered by jewelry.

But, the ultimate gift for me would be from God. At seventeen, I’m boyfriendless, a fact I am actually proud of. You see, I don’t want just any guy. I want the guy. The one the Lord created with me in mind. The one who is my other half. The one who is my best friend.

Until, that Valentine’s comes that I will spend with “my guy,” I will pray for God to mold me into the girl He wants me to be. Trusting Him, I will be blessed beyond measure. So, don’t be gloomy this Sunday. Remember that God’s plan will never die like a bouquet of rose; it will be sweeter than a box of chocolates, and it will shine brilliantly for others to behold in awe.
~Courtney Phillips

Your turn. What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

  1. Bob Anonymous permalink
    Thursday, February 11, 2010 4:27 pm

    Boy…that Jason guy sure knows what he’s talking about!


  2. May permalink
    Saturday, February 20, 2010 9:26 pm

    For me valentines day is an ordinary day..even i have no special someone..but i am happy w/ my friends.


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