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Remembering Memorial Day

Monday, May 25, 2009

As I am no poet, and as there are so many others who’ve already written words that better express my own feelings and emotions about Memorial Day, I wanted to pay tribute to the day and to this poet by sharing her poem here today.

Memorial Day
© 1999 by Michelle Keim,
Commander of Royersford VFW Post 6341 in PA.

Memorial DayAs we stand here looking
At the flags upon these graves
Know these flags represent
A few of the true American brave

They fought for their Country
As man has through all of time
Except that these soldiers lying here
Fought for your country and mine

As we all are gathered here
To pay them our respect
Let’s pass this word to others
It’s what they would expect

I’m sure that they would do it
If it were me or you
To show we did not die in vein
But for the red, white and blue.

Let’s pass on to our children
And to those who never knew
What these soldiers died for
It’s the least we can do

Let’s not forget their families
Great pain they had to bear
Losing a son, father or husband
They need to know we still care

No matter which war was fought
On the day that they died
I stand here looking at these flags
Filled with American pride.

So as the bugler plays out Taps
With its sweet and eerie sound
Pray for these soldiers lying here
In this sacred, hallowed ground.

Take home with you a sense of pride
You were here Memorial Day.
Celebrating the way Americans should
On this solemnest of days.

  1. Carman Boley permalink
    Monday, May 25, 2009 11:07 am

    I love that poem! It was so well written.
    I have a friend whose father is a triple Purple Heart recipient; he fought in Vietnam.


  2. Monday, May 25, 2009 12:45 pm

    “Mansions of the Lord” from “We Were Soldiers” gives me chills every time I hear it. It stands well as a poem too:

    To fallen soldiers let us sing,
    Where no rockets fly nor bullets wing,
    Our broken brothers let us bring
    To the Mansions of the Lord.

    No more bleeding, no more fight,
    No prayers pleading through the night,
    Just divine embrace, eternal light
    In the Mansions of the Lord.

    Where no mothers cry and no children weep,
    We will stand and guard though the angels sleep,
    Oh through the ages safely keep
    The Mansions of the Lord.

    With a brother in Iraq, my dad just returned from the Middle East, and my other brother graduating from the Air Force Academy on Wednesday, Memorial Day and Veterans Day have special significance for our family.


  3. Monday, May 25, 2009 4:43 pm

    Coming from a family (my dad’s side) where my sister and cousins and I are the first generation to not serve in the military, it’s an important day for us too. When we lived in the D.C. area, my dad (Vietnam Vet) usually went down to the Memorial in town for “Rolling Thunder”—the motorcycle parade honoring the fallen and MIA/POW of all wars. I know he doesn’t miss living in that area (none of us do), but I know he misses getting to go to events like that (and to Arlington occasionally).


  4. Jess permalink
    Monday, May 25, 2009 6:36 pm

    I am always a little fuzzy on the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. Except Veterans’ Day used to be Armistice Day, which sounds way cooler. Memorial Day just sounds like you look at memorials for people who are already dead, rather than honor those still with us who have fought. Both of which, of course, have their place.


  5. Tuesday, May 26, 2009 11:32 am

    This is probably the one holiday that means the most to me, coming from a military background and with my brother currently serving. I always thank veterans and men and women serving, they deserve it.


  6. Renee permalink
    Tuesday, May 26, 2009 1:53 pm

    What an incredible sacrifice brave men and women make everyday for us to keep our freedom. What a wonderful poem Michelle…Pennsylvanians are soooo talented 😛


  7. Tuesday, May 26, 2009 6:14 pm

    Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

    Thanks for the priceless love on our behalf, dear soldiers ~ it was not in vain. We remember we live in freedom because of your courageous sacrifice.

    I wrote a blog post yesterday about Memorial Day….and the gal that wrote that poem in your post is from Royersford, PA ~ a hop, skip and a jump down the road from my hometown, and that’s just down the road a piece from Valley Forge. Patriotic state.

    If interested, curious, or just love to surf ~ stop by:

    I’m new to blogging, and I LOVE when I have visitors.


  8. Tuesday, May 26, 2009 10:24 pm

    Thanks for sharing this super-powerful poem. I didn’t really think too much about Memorial Day and the men and women who have served our country until I moved to Colorado Springs. Surrounded by Air Force and Army bases, plus the Air Force Academy (Go Falcons!), I’m realizing just how much we owe them. Thanks, guys and gals who have served!


  9. sugarandgrits permalink
    Wednesday, May 27, 2009 6:35 pm

    What a heart-warming poem! Thank you for sharing!

    I always thought of Memorial Day as just another holiday from work, until my sister became friends with a guy who is currently serving in the Marines. He was stationed overseas for over a year back in 2007-2008. We worried about him all the time. Especially when he was gone on a “mission” for days at a time and we didn’t know where he was/when he would be back! Those were some LONG days/weeks! Thankfully, he is now stationed in Washington D.C., so we don’t have to worry about him quite as much. Some of his friends are still stationed overseas though.

    Please remember to keep them, and all of our troops, in your thoughts and prayers!

    ~sugarandgrits ~


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