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Gotta Love Des!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I’ve probably mentioned here once or twice my addiction to the TV show LOST, so I just had to share this video, which Lori Benton encouraged me to watch. It was posted on the front page of, which I usually only visit the day after a new episode airs, so I’m glad she pointed it out to me. If you’ve ever wondered what LOST is all about, here’s your chance to know in four minutes, twenty-four seconds everything you need to know:

  1. Terry Finley permalink
    Saturday, April 19, 2008 7:41 pm

    I have never watched the show,
    but I really do like your blog.


  2. Amy-Beth Mason permalink
    Saturday, April 19, 2008 11:14 pm

    Love LOST! Thanks for posting the link.



  3. Sunday, April 20, 2008 9:16 am

    Amen, Sistah!


  4. Leslie S permalink
    Monday, April 21, 2008 7:48 am

    Wow… that woman talks fast. There were a couple of things that were left out (like Hurley runs over the others in the Dharma van – if you haven’t watched the show then you would be thinking, “what’s a Dharma?”

    That was fun to watch!


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