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Craft-of-Writing Series

beyond-first-draftBelow, you’ll find all of the series on Writing I’ve posted over the years, ordered by category. To view the posts in a certain topic, click on the series title, and you’ll be taken to a new window/tab linking to all the posts in that series.

Preparing to Write/General Writing Tips:
Becoming a Writer

    How do you become a writer? Where do story ideas come from? How do you cultivate creativity, imagination, and inspiration? These and other questions are explored for those who are thinking about starting a journey in fiction writing—or who just need a reminder of why you started writing in the first place.

Critical Reading

    Take a master class from the best-selling fiction authors of all time . . . by learning how to read critically and analyze published works to learn the craft and techniques that master storytellers both in and out of your genre use to create compelling stories that stand the test of time.

Debunking Writing Myths

    Never use adverbs. Always show instead of tell. You have to be active on social media. Read as many craft books as you can. Sound familiar? You’ve probably heard these and more taught as “rules” of writing. More often than not, though they’re myths. And I’m here to debunk them.

National Novel Writing Month (NaNo) Prep

    Preparing to write a manuscript in a month can be a daunting prospect—especially if you aren’t prepared. So let’s get prepped!

Ready, Set, Write

    This is the year you’ve promised yourself that you’re finally going to get around to writing that novel. So let’s get ready, let’s get set, and let’s write.

Top Ten Writing Tips

    Set aside a completed manuscript to create objectivity. Don’t think; just write. Make lists. Here’s a list of the top-ten tips that have helped me the most as a professional author.

WRITE: An Inspirational Acrostic

Craft of Fiction Writing
Beginnings, Middles, and Endings

Hooking the Reader
Point of View
Plotting, Subplots, and Structuring/Outlining Your Novel
“Say What?”—A Series About Dialogue
Scene It!
Showing vs. Telling
Writing the Series Novel

Writing Romance Novels


The Writer’s Life
Entering Writing Contests
Goal Setting
Networking / Writing Conferences
You Know You’re a Writer If…

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