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Fun Friday–Show Tunes in Klingon, The Rocketeer Remake, Hollywood and the Bible, and Top Eye Candy of the Week

Friday, August 24, 2012



A Photograph a Day for 18 Years

In 1979, Jamie Livingston started taking one Polaroid photograph every single day. The website linked from the photo above (one of his) will take you to the website where all of the photos are archived. You can read more about it and the method/reason behind it on Mental Floss here—and see a few photos the blog editors picked out.

With the advent of digital photography making this kind of project easier and much, much less expensive (imagine how much all that film cost—because Polaroid instant film wasn’t cheap), would you ever consider a challenge like this? Even for just one year? What would you photograph?


A Rocketeer Remake?

Word has been circulating the geek blogosphere (of which, yes, I am a dedicated lurker) that Disney may be looking at remaking their 1991 superhero film The Rocketeer. When the film came out, it didn’t do well. (Top movies in 1991 were Silence of the Lambs, Terminator 2, Beauty and the Beast, Point Break, and Hook—not a superhero in sight!) But now, with the massive global popularity of The Avengers (a.k.a. Avengers Assemble outside the US) and the various individual properties like Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man (all of which Disney owns, because they own Marvel), they’re looking for other ways to milk the superhero cash cow. Thus, the talk of reviving The Rocketeer. One blog I read suggested that this character, with his Jet Pack, is too similar to Iron Man. I think he’s closer to Captain America—at least, from the whole 1940s/WWII/Nazis aspect of the setting and story.

Would you go see a Rocketeer remake? What other superheros need either a remake or a film of their very own?


Eight Ways Dogs Improve Your Health

This article lists eight ways that canine companions have proven to increase the health of people. In what way do your pets improve your health?


Is the Bible the Most Popular Book in Hollywood?

As mentioned last week, not only did a film adaptation of the story of Noah and the flood, starring Russell Crowe, wrap production recently, apparently there are several other Bible-story-based film projects under consideration. According to this EW blog post, both Ridley Scott and Steven Spielberg are considering films about Moses; Will Smith is thinking about the brotherly-murderly dynamics of Cain and Abel; and Warner Bros. has recently acquired a script about Pontius Pilate. The blog post goes on to (in a tongue-in-cheek manner) suggest other Bible stories that are ripe for Hollywood’s pickings. Check out theirs, then come back and suggest your own dream Bible-story movies and casts.


Most Popular Eye-Candy Post of the Week
With 13 Likes and seven comments, the TV-Cop Eye-Candy of the Day of Matt Passmore as Jim Longworth in The Glades was the most popular over on my Facebook Page. (studio promotional image)

You can “vote” by Liking (and by rallying others to Like) your favorite Eye-Candy posts over there every day.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Debra permalink
    Friday, August 24, 2012 7:20 am

    okay, I love my dog, and my cat, but not as ferociously as I should. Frankly, the fact they steal most of my bed space, wake me up at 5:30, and I have to pick up poop and hair on a daily basis makes me wonder…
    my poor old dog is no longer house-broken and she bites my grandchildren.
    Together, last year, they cost me over a thousand dollars in vet bills.
    Ahh.. nothing like a dog or cat to lower blood pressure and make me feel loved!


  2. Friday, August 24, 2012 1:38 pm

    Zoe is very relaxing. Especially when she’s in a cuddling mood, or conks out all night on my bed.

    I love The Rocketeer, as do my siblings. Not sure I’m okay with a remake of it. It was perfectly cast the first time around and I don’t think they can improve on it. How about re-releasing the original and doing a big DVD promotion?


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