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500th Post Contest Winners!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Woohoo! This is my 500th blog post! Who woulda guessed when I started this two and a half years ago that I’d have so much to write about, huh? 😉

Unless you’ve been incommunicado for the past month, you know that I’ve been running a contest to celebrate (and to build the readership of my blog a little). So my 500th post is dedicated to my readers—at least to the five of you who won! The grand prize–winning story was selected by a panel of five regular blog readers who did not enter for the grand prize drawing. The stories were copied and pasted into a document and identified only by a letter, with any names that might identify the author taken out. The names of the other prize winners were drawn out of a box by a couple of friends (who pride themselves on not reading my blog) at dinner Wednesday evening, to keep things as fair as possible.

Since so many people have asked, here’s the playlist of music on the CD:
1. Ain’t That a Kick in the Head—Dean Martin
2. Mona Lisa—Nat “King” Cole
3. Memories Are Made of This—Dean Martin
4. Come Fly with Me—Frank Sinatra
5. Volaré—Dean Martin
6. Unforgettable—Nat “King” Cole
7. I’ve Got You Under My Skin—Frank Sinatra
8. I Can’t Give You Anything but Love—Peggy Lee
9. It Had to Be You—Dick Haymes
10. I Get a Kick out of You—Frank Sinatra
11. That’s Amoré—Dean Martin
12. Someone to Watch Over Me—Frank Sinatra
13. Return to Me—Dean Martin

(Signed copy of Stand-In Groom, Mixed CD of music mentioned in the book, and a $100 gift certificate.) Her winning wedding story entry is posted below.

(Signed copy of Stand-In Groom, Mixed CD of music mentioned in the book, and a $50 gift certificate.)

(Signed copy of Stand-In Groom, Mixed CD of music mentioned in the book, and a $25 gift certificate.)

4th Place: CJ
(Signed copy of Stand-In Groom, Mixed CD of music mentioned in the book, and a $15 gift certificate.)

(Signed copy of Stand-In Groom, Mixed CD of music mentioned in the book, and a $10 gift certificate.)

Last summer, I was tasked with preparing fruit for a wedding reception. A. Lot. Of. Fruit. One major problem with this was the fact that cantaloupe, both the sight and smell, make me ill. But I chopped up ten of those beauties, along with a dozen watermelons, a zillion grapes, enough strawberries to keep a person in daiquiris for life, and a plethora of other assorted fruits.

While I was playing fruit-basket-upset in the church kitchen, the bridal party was in and out of the fellowship hall, getting pictures taken, getting flowers pinned on, and having a good time. The bride was gorgeous, the groom handsome, and the attendants enjoying themselves. In the wedding party were an adorable flower girl and a ring bearer.

The flower girl looked like a miniature of the bride in a sweet white dress with her golden hair in an up-do. She carried a little white basket with yellow ribbons. The ring-bearer was dashing, a little imp with brown eyes and a buzz-cut. He sported a tux and those shiny shoes that squeak when you walk. He enjoyed running full tilt and sliding on the slick soles.

Because they were not needed in the next set of photos, and because they were both about seven and needing a breather from behaving themselves so well, their parents told them they could go into one of the Sunday School rooms and play with the toys.

I heard them in there laughing and talking as I hoisted the tenth watermelon onto my cutting board and prepared to do surgery. Then it got quiet. Knife poised for the fatal blow, I listened.

Crack! The door flew open and a tiny tornado of a flower girl stormed out. Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! A sheepish ring bearer peeped around the door jamb.

Halfway across the fellowship hall, the flower girl whirled around and put her hands on her little hips. She glared at the ring bearer.

“I’m telling my mom you kissed me on the lips. And we’re not even married!” She spun on her glossy white Mary Jane shoes and stalked out of the room.

The ring bearer sidled out of the classroom, stuck his hands in his pockets and walked past the kitchen window. He gave me a saucy little “It was totally worth it” grin.

That boy is going to break some hearts someday…if he doesn’t get his nose broken first.

  1. greyfort permalink
    Thursday, July 31, 2008 7:37 am

    Thank you Kaye for holding such a fun contest! I can’t wait to listen to the CD – I also can’t wait to read your book, but you know that’s going to be a few more months! LOL

    Erica – I love your story, that is absolutely hilarious!


  2. Thursday, July 31, 2008 8:14 am

    The playlist looks great and I’ll look forward to the book. Thanks for the opportunity to play and for your generosity.

    Congrats to all the winners. Erica, your story slays me! 😀


  3. Thursday, July 31, 2008 8:26 am

    Hysterical, Erica! What a great story!!

    Woo-hooo! Congratulations, everyone!

    Thanks, Kaye, for such a FUN contest!!


  4. Thursday, July 31, 2008 8:51 am

    Congrats to all of the winners! And Erica, I LOVE your story!


  5. Thursday, July 31, 2008 9:44 am

    Congratulations!!! Woot woot!


  6. Thursday, July 31, 2008 10:33 am

    Happy 500 and thanks for the contest. Woo-hooo! Congrats to all the other winners.

    And Erica, great story!


  7. Thursday, July 31, 2008 12:30 pm

    Good stuff, indeed.

    Great winning story.


  8. Thursday, July 31, 2008 12:47 pm

    I love Erica’s story. She described it so well I could almost see and smell the church! Congrats to all the winners, and remember we are all winners because of all we have learned on this blog this past month!


  9. Emilie permalink
    Thursday, July 31, 2008 12:51 pm

    Lovely story, Erica! I could smell that church too, and now I’m craving strawberries! And thank goodness my ring bearer and flower girl were brother and sister:)


  10. Thursday, July 31, 2008 3:19 pm

    Kaye, how completely splendiferous! I’m grinning like a goof.

    Happy 500th post, Kaye. You’ve made this last month so fun with this contest, and here’s to the NEXT 500!

    Thank you, Kaye!!!


  11. MaryBeth I permalink
    Thursday, July 31, 2008 6:57 pm

    congrats to the winners! I had fun posting on this blog. Happy 500th post to Kaye and good luck with the book sales 🙂


  12. Monday, August 4, 2008 4:51 pm

    Congratulations, Everyone! And that goes to you too, Kaye. Congrats on two-and-half years of blogging!


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