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Things I’d Rather Do than Write a Synopsis

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My crit partner Erica blogged yesterday about an experience she’d rather go through than to write a synopsis (“Crowns of the Princess”). So I thought I’d share a list of things I’d rather do . . .

  • Play Spades online over at
  • Write a blog entry.
  • Check my blog stats. Click on the link of every “referring site” where people clicked to get to my blog. Look at all of the “web search terms” to see how people are finding my site. Check out some of the search terms to see how far down the list in the Google search I am. Refresh the page to see if anyone else has looked at my blog in the three minutes I’ve been on the stats page. Look at the pages that had the most page views today and re-read them. Edit if necessary. Go back and check blog stats . . .
  • Knit while watching a movie—at least my hands will be busy.
  • Sit in front of the TV for three hours flipping the channels because there is nothing on.
  • Visit all of my friends’ blogs and leave inane comments.
  • Update my “status” on Facebook every ten or fifteen minutes.
  • Send e-mails to people I haven’t communicated with in six or seven years.
  • Research and comparison shop new cars that I can’t afford to buy anyway.
  • Look at crazy cat pictures at I Can Has Cheezburger?
  • Spend a couple of hours looking at every recommendation Amazon wants to make for me based on the hundreds of items I have either bought or rated there throughout the years.
  • Look up every single actor I’ve ever heard of on to see what they’re up to.
  • Watch the new BBC adaptations of Jane Austen’s novels on YouTube.
  • Rearrange the 40+ movies listed in my queue at Netflix.
  • Leave some more inane comments on friends’ blogs.
  • Exercise.
  • Read the dictionary.
  • Rotate the tires on my car in my driveway, by myself, in the 90+ degree heat, with only my standard-issue car jack and tire-iron. (I’ve actually done this before. Not an easy task, I’ll tell ya.)
  • Wash the car. (Hey, there’s a novel idea.)
  • Launder, iron, hang, and/or fold and put away every single piece of clothing in my house, including the closet full of clothes that I’m too fat to wear right now.
  • Scrub every surface, nook, crevice, and cranny in the bathroom with Q-tips. (What’s a “cranny” anyway?)
  • Take every single dish, utensil, container, vase, platter, etc., out of the cabinets in the kitchen, scrub out the insides of the cabinets, wash every single dish, utensil, container, vase, platter, etc., by hand, and replace them all in the cabinets. Then decide I don’t like the arrangement, pull everything back out, and rearrange it all.
  • Take a pair of sewing scissors out and trim the over-grown grass in my yard one blade at a time.

What about you? What would you rather do than write a synopsis?

  1. Tuesday, July 17, 2007 4:23 pm

    Whoa, you’d rather exercise than write a synopsis? You’ve got it bad!


  2. Tuesday, July 17, 2007 5:09 pm

    Yeah–but do you see how many things there are ahead of exercising? Those things can take me all night!


  3. Tuesday, July 17, 2007 8:04 pm

    LOL! Whew, for a moment there… LOL


  4. Tuesday, July 17, 2007 9:33 pm

    My co-workers and I were joking about putting our History Camp kids out in the yard with scissors to cut the grass. It’s rained so much that 2 days after it’s mowed, it looks like a jungle again!


  5. Wednesday, July 18, 2007 7:30 am

    LMAO – too funny. When I want to avoid work on my synopsis I tend to just do other things on my list. That way I feel like I’m accomplishing things…ya know crossing things of my to do list…however that write synopsis is still on the list even when I’ve finished everything else.



  6. Wednesday, July 18, 2007 8:51 am

    LOL, very funny. You have a thing about Blog stats! What would I rather do? Hmm…clean the toilets, clean out my car, and change diapers. Eww.


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